Apartment Refurbishing & Turns/Rebuilds & Remodels

Wingate Companies contacted us when their current contractor pulled out of a project. Trying to manage the builds from their New England headquarters, they asked us to manage the General Contractor work for the reconstruction of 30 units. Our flexibility, versatility, and experience enabled us to complete the project adhering to the schedule. This initial impression led to more engagements with Wingate. Work includes reconstruction of over 40 decks and over 50 complete apartment upgrades.

Our client appreciated our consideration of the tenants who occupied the units while we completed the work. “They really took the worry out of my project management tasks.” The partnership continues with future projects including three new fitness center renovations.

“We have worked with Omega Construction on six projects over the past three years which involved the reconstruction of 40 decks and over 50 complete apartment upgrades not only in occupied apartments but in units where the occupants returned each evening. Their flexibility, versatility and experience enabled Omega to complete units according to schedule while achieving high quality results and adhering to our safety standards.

Omega’s team of experienced professionals allowed me to focus on other responsibilities while managing our projects behind the scene from my out-of-state location. They really took the worry out of my project management task. We are beginning three new fitness center renovation projects very soon and will definitely be partnering with Omega on these projects.”

Mike Vacchio
Senior Facilities Coordinator
Wingate Management Company

In 2016, a fire ravaged the Woodland Ridge Apartment complex. Half of one twenty-four unit building was burnt down, in some areas right down to the studs. Since Omega Construction had built the property twenty years earlier, Monarch Investment and Management Group called us to help rebuild. Our attention to detail went into all twenty-four units and provided valuable upgrades to the facility. When the work was completed, the apartment building was restored to its former glory. Communication was a key aspect of the project’s success and we completed earlier than originally requested.